Interest Rate Swap
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We can offer corporate customers to hedging and lock the cost of interest risk of the interest rate swap.



Interest rate swaps is more active in financial markets trading species, but also globalization of financial markets, it is a financial innovation tools under the rapid increase of financial risks. It is widely used to hedge interest rate risk, expand financing channels, to reduce financing costs and enhanced asset-liability management.



Interest rate swaps is a derivative, allows a party to receive interest as an income (fixed or floating), exchange of the other cash flow (floating or fixed); the product can be used as hedging floating interest debt in the future uncertain risk, bonds can be used as risk management tools. Interest rate swaps is the transaction products in the OTC (Over the counter), it is the world's largest volume of trading product in the derivatives market. Interest rate swaps can be in various forms, including fixed rates to floating interest rates or floating rates to fixed rates, floating rates to floating interest rates.



Before deal, corporate clients need to submit a deal application to CCB Sydney Branch, sign all documents required by the Sydney branch (such as debt management agreement, deposit agreement and other required documents), after payment of deposit, Sydney Branch can offer  the deals to customers.